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Precise Machining and Manufacturing: 
An Australian Story of Engineering Excellence

Precise Machining and Manufacturing specialise in complex precision machining as well as being one of the few companies in Australia with the capability to design and manufacture moulds including moulds for composite materials like carbon fibre.

The company was founded in 1971 by Manfred Tinney after he emigrated to Australia from Germany. Manfred's engineering career started straight from school as an apprentice at BMW in their Spandau factory in Berlin. He later worked as a tradesman, manufacturing tooling and jigs for both the BMW 801 high performance piston engine as well as the BMW 003 Axial Flow Jet Engine, which together with the JUMO 004 engine, ushered in the Jet Age. After arriving in Australia in 1951, Manfred worked in various toolmaking roles, mainly in the cavity tooling area prior to commencing his own business.

Manfred Tinney, Tooling, History, advanced manufacturing and machining

The late Manfred Tinney discusses a tooling project in 1970.

Fast forward 50 years, Precise Machining and Manufacturing is part of the seven company STÄRKE-AMG.

STÄRKE ( pronounced Stair - Ke ), is German for strength. All companies in the STÄRKE-AMG strive to be leaders in the areas that they specialise in, and Precise is no different. By coupling high quality staff with excellent capital equipment/technology and the strength of STÄRKE-AMG, we seek to emulate the very high standards of quality and technical competence set by Manfred Tinney, the founder of the original business.

Grant Tinney, Precise Team, Tooling, Advanced manufacturing and machining

The current Chief executive Grant Tinney (centre), son of Manfred Tinney, with the team at Precise.

Backed by an award-winning team

Precise Machining and Manufacturing is a partner of the seven company Stärke Advanced Manufacturing Group. Precise is able to access the full services of the Stärke-AMG group to provide customers with a seamless integrated service of Advanced Manufacturing services. Visit the group page at

  • VPG - INNOVATION - Design, engineering, prototyping, commercialisation, route to market and Component Supply

  • STÄRKE TOOLING - Mould, die, and automation manufacture. Component supply 

  • QPE ADVANCED MACHINING - High-precision machining for Defence and Aerospace applications.

  • MCMAHON METAL FABRICATION - Your one stop shop for customised metal  fabrication solutions

  • STÄRKE INJECTION MOULDING - Plastic injection and moulding i both South Australia and Victoria, product assembly, Ultrasonic welding, Annealing,  3D Printing in a variety of colours, Heat staking, EMI/RFI shielding.

  • STÄRKE-AMG INC  - Based in Michigan, USA, this business assists US clients with their tooling, precision machining, part production and assembly requirements

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